06.03.2017 / How do advertising agencies form new ideas?

 How to form new ideas?


Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide?

What are the challenges while developing new ideas?

  1. Adapting to technological change
  2. Doing great work
  3. Stay true to design fundamentals
  4. Being unique
  5. Being multi-skilled
  6. Maintaining personal interactions
  7. Finding the right clients


  1. Mind mapping:
  • See the whole picture, the global view, at once.
  • Understand the links and connections
  • Easy recall
  • Be on top of all the details for parties, holidays, projects or any other subject
  • All issues, your position, and maneuverability on one sheet
  • The new brain-storming in which more thoughts are generated and appropriately assessed.


2. Corporate Takeover:

This exercise stimulates the situation where another stronger company takes control over your business. It helps to understand the competitive advantage of the more reliable company and how to implement it in your business.

3. Mining:

Using this approach helps to fill in team members’ brains with various information. It contributes to generating more interesting and crazier ideas.

4. 75 Ways to Excercise Creativity:

Creative planning process:


Understanding the customers:


The impact of the messages:

The message is an underlying idea or theme in an ad or the accessible or primary content or information that passes from a communicator to a receiver.


  • Creating an image that encompasses aspects of the company
  • Transfer to customer’s judgements about the products the company markets
  • Brand beliefs and attitudes
  • Product purchase intentions
  • Product choise

What is an appealing message?



Right Messages:

Nike:”Just Do It.”


In 1988, Nike sales were at $800 million; by 1998, sales exceeded $9.2 billion. “Just Do It.” was short and sweet, yet encapsulated everything people felt when they were exercising — and people still feel that feeling today. Don’t want to run five miles? Just Do It. Don’t want walk up four flights of stairs? Just Do It. It’s a slogan we can all relate to: the drive to push ourselves beyond our limits.

De Beer:” A Diamond is Forever.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.09.04 PM.png

In 1999, AdAge declared De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” the most memorable slogan of the twentieth century. But the campaign, which proposed (pun very much intended) the idea that no marriage would be complete without a diamond ring, wasn’t just riding on the coattails of an existing industry. De Beers actually built the industry; they presented the idea that a diamond ring was a necessary luxury.

Bad Message:

Malaysia Airlines:”My Ultimate Bucket List.”


The first of our worst marketing campaigns for 2014 has to go to Malaysia Airlines, who at the center of 2 tragic lost airlines in 2014,  should’ve been more conscious of their marketing.

In a competition, the airline asked their audience to answer the question “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list, and explain why?” The competition was open to participants in New Zealand and Australia, who would be eligible to win IPads or economy class tickets on the airlines.

But what Malaysia Airlines didn’t take into account was the concept of a “bucket list” and its connection with death. With its recent tragic history, Malaysia Airlines showed a crude lack of empathy and sensitivity towards the situation, and people were quick to call them out. The links to the competition were canceled, and people were asked to describe destinations and activities on their “to-do” list instead.


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  6. Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014 by Sarah Burke

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