Problem Based Learning. My first experience.

It was the first day of our Problem Based Learning in Creative Communication course. This learning method helps to encourage students to learn more by themselves. I am in group of 11 people from other countries and different backgrounds.

Every session has Discussion Leader, Observer and Recorder. The main role of Discussion Leader is to lead the group in a right direction and make sure that everyone speaks. Observer is not allowed to talk. He or she has a paper with names and different statements. In the end of the discussion observer has 10 minutes for feedback. Recorder should record all main points and share it via memos afterwords.

Each PBL task has a trigger, a problem, learning objectives, keywords and sources. In the first part of PBL we define a problem via brainstorming, understand the learning objectives and keywords. After this session our task is to study for the next discussion where we share our ideas and evaluate.

Our first task is storytelling and corporate communication. I will share my findings in the next post.











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