18.01.2017 / Storytelling



Everyone of us has a child inside. This child makes us to it chocolate in the night. This child makes us to break the limits. This child teaches us how to enjoy our life.

The biggest difference between adults and children is kids live in their own world without fear. They just enjoy their own world. This kind and incredible world has been created by fairytales. All of us love them. Fairytales is the reason why people love storytelling.

Nowadays, companies use storytelling as a tool to sell products or goods to customers and increase awareness about the brand. The main goal is to deliver a message and inspire people to change their reality with company’s product. Storytelling creates different reality without problems where all of us want to be. Storytelling creates magic. Companies use storytelling because it connects people, inspires them and makes them to go towards one common goal.

Effective storytelling has own style, includes drama in the plot/speech, has a single theme. A story should be as personal as possible. Moreover, storytelling should be brief and simple. It should has a target audience. Remember, people get bored easily.

There are many techniques for efficient storytelling. As for me, I mostly get engaged when a person speaks about failures in the begging (false start technique) or when a speaker compares hope and reality (sparkling technique).

If you want to create a good story, you need to start with “self.” This is the hardest point in the process. It requires focusing on some events that really happened. As an example, Steve Jobs used this method during the speech to Stanford students in 2005. Secondly, you should continue with “us.” It connects audience and a speaker. Finally, you should talk about “now.” It helps to understand the things that have been changed while using a particular product or service.

There are many tools which people can use for creating a story. For example, Metta is a professional platform for creating interactive videos. Videos can be used to educate, to tell a story or to inform your audience about issues.

 “Inspiring stories can change mainstream narratives.
Together, we have the power to re-invent reality.”




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